Monday, March 19, 2012

Facebook game design

This is a jpg render of a fb game I was lucky enough to work on. I got my hands on deciding on the theme, designs, and animation. It was something very different from what I have done from any studio work so far. Its so nice to have more creative control. I am absolutely addicted to doing more of this type of work and currently freelancing for more concept arts gig.

Freelances-Action Dad season one

Prop turnarounds based on 3/4f build provided. Its nice to get to work on different project, this is a freelance started the fall of 2010, I m currently on another project for the same studio ( Toonzone) and the 2nd season of Action Dad is in progress also.
Prop Turnarounds based on 3/4f build. Action Dad Season one for a studio called Toonzone in LA.
Prop Turnaround based on 3/4 downshot. Action Dad Season One.
Turnarounds for ActionDad Season One.
Full turnaround.
Prop Turnaround for Action Dad freelance (from ToonZone in LA).
Character Turnarounds.
This is one of the reasons I love my job, everyday there is something new. Character turnaround for Action Dad season one.
Character turnarounds for Action Dad.

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Character turnaround for a freelance gig since the end of 2010.
One of the icons for a fb game freelance I have done.
One of the icons for the fb game freelance I have done.
Coloured version.
Concept work for a fb game.